Front-end developer & designer

I believe in writing clean, semantic, and accessible code; although sometimes difficult to get right, I love the challenges and rewards coding brings.

Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat

My passion for the web industry extends well beyond my job, I have used the skills and disciplines learned to develop myself personally, develop confidence in my ideas, and push my comfort levels.

Since working in the web industry I have become something of a Statamic ‘expert’. Having built close to 20 sites across 2 versions of the flat-file CMS I have become very adept at building quick greyboxing sites, designing fieldsets for client data entry, using add-ons, building complex enrolment forms, e-commerce and even attempting to push the CMS to it’s limits by building a CRM as a side project.

More recently I have begun to develop my own designs for local schools, events management sites and a band. Going forward I aim to develop my technical ability in complex programming languages such as JavaScript, Python and PHP.


Coming soon...